LEAP Appliances

LEAP Appliances is an initiative to support fuel poor and vulnerable households through the replacement of old, inefficient fridges, freezers, fridge-freezers, washing machines, and cookers with modern, efficient alternatives. We are working with C Supplies to deliver these appliances. If there are any issues with the delivery or installation, please call them on 01903 930436.

Please note: LEAP appliances is a replacement scheme. Applicants must have an appliance to replace. Energy labels have now changed. Find out all you need to know here.

Our energy-efficient appliances

Here are the energy-efficient appliances offered by LEAP.

60cm Freestanding Electric Cooker
Dimensions: W: 60cm x D: 60cm x H: 90cm
A Energy Rating
Conventional Oven
64-litre Oven Capacity
Oven Light
4 Solid Plate Rings (two sizes)
4 Cooking Functions
1800W Variable Grill
Easy Clean Enamel Interior
2 Wire Shelves
Grill Pan with Handle & Wire Griddle
Pre-Wired Electric Cable
Dimensions: W: 60cm x D: 60cm x H: 90cm
0.8 KWH per Cycle

Haden Fridge Freezer
Dimensions: H:144cm, W:48cm, D53cm
140Ltr Capacity (89 litre fridge, 51 litre freezer)
Adjustable thermostat
Interior light
Reversible doors
Salad crisper drawer
2 x Glass Shelves
Manual Defrost
3 Freezer Compartments
Manufacturer 2 year guarantee
233KWH per Annum

Indesit 50/50 Fridge Freezer
Dimensions: H:174cm x W:54.5cm x D:58cm
235 litre capacity – holds 13 bags of food shopping 

Defrosting is easy with minimal ice build-ups
Special drawer to keep fruit and veg organised
Reversible doors to suit your kitchen layout
274 KWH per Annum

7KG Washing Machine
Dimensions: H85cm x W60 x D53cm
1200 Spin

A+AD rated
13 Programmes
16 Min Quick Wash
69 KWH per 100




White Knight 55cm Larder Fridge
Dimensions (cm): H84.5cm x W 54cm x D 59.5cm (No Ice Box)
134 Litres
Glass Shelves
114 KWH per Annum


White Knight 55cm Upright Freezer
Dimensions: H84.5cm x W54cm x D59.5cm
85 Litres

3 Drawers
213 KWH per Annum



A referral can only be made after a home visit by one of our energy advisors.

Referrals will also be taken from existing LEAP Local Authority partners and energy company funding partners.

In some cases, beneficiaries will be contacted by our call centre to assess and confirm their eligibility if the evidence provided at the referral stage is not adequate.

Find out if you’re eligible and apply now.

If you have any questions please contact us
or read through our FAQs.

Our requirements

Please note: Parking – The delivery crew must be able to park within sight of your property. If permits are required it is important that one is made available for the day of delivery. The crew are not allowed to park in a loading bay if they are to install an appliance due to the time required. CSupplies can provide the vehicle registration number the day before in order to set up the permit. If it is an area that payment is required, this must be paid for prior to delivery

Fridges, freezers and fridge freezers

The space required for the appliance(s) must be clear and tidy. The appliance(s) must be freestanding and not built into any units. All refrigeration units must have their own plug socket directly into the wall. The installers will not install into an extension lead

Electric sockets

The space required for the appliance(s) must be clear and tidy. The appliance(s) must be freestanding and not built into any units. Electric sockets must all be in good repair- no cracks, all screws must be in place. Any cracks or screw will need to be replaced before installation.

Washing machines

The space required for the appliance must be clear and tidy. The appliance must be freestanding and not built into any units – please check any holes are cut into the units for pipework to travel through. Machines need to be within 1 meter of the plumbing and not require the use of an extension hose to reach the plumbing. The installation will not take place where an extension hose is in place (installation companies do not install into extension hoses anymore). The solid plumbing fittings will need extending in order to reach the new machines hose.

Plumbing requirements

There must be a waste pipe attachment and the cold water feed with a valve handle. Our team must be able to turn the water off and on in order to install your washing machine. If the blue cold-water valve handle is missing a plumber would need to replace this before we could install the washing machine. The waste pipe can be installed into a standpipe if it’s already in the property – as long as the distance of the hose is sufficient to ensure no back-ups or leakage.

Electric cookers

The space required for the appliance must be clear and tidy.

The area directly behind the cooker and the Hot Zone area directly above the hob must be CLEAR, EMPTY and free of flammable materials.

Electric wiring requirements

The cooker must be hardwired into the socket and have a red isolation switch. The isolation switch should be located within 2 metres of the cooker but not directly above it or within 300mm of the cooker itself. In case of an emergency, the circuit can be cut/turned off with this switch.


How will I be contacted to book the delivery?

If your application is successful, C Supplies will contact you by telephone within 10 working days. There will be a brief survey to confirm your details and how we can access your property. The installation will be booked in once these details have been confirmed.

Can I keep my old appliance as well as the new one?

No. Your current appliance will be removed and disposed as part of the installation. If your current appliance is integrated and can’t be removed we will not be able to install the new one.

Can I have a receipt?

We can’t provide a receipt for your new appliance. Please keep the documentation given to you during the installation.

I have changed my mind and I want to cancel my application to the scheme. What should I do?

We can accept cancellations 48 working hours prior to the installation. Please contact C Supplies as soon as possible to cancel your delivery appointment and application.

Will the appliance be installed and connected during the delivery?

Yes, it will be installed and connected, and the installer will make sure it works properly. If the connection can’t be completed for any reason, the new appliance will be taken away.

My delivery has failed. Can I rebook it?

Yes, please get in touch with C Supplies to book another delivery. The delivery will be rebooked dependant on the reason behind the failure. If work is required to complete the delivery photographic evidence of works complete may be required before rebooking. After two failed deliveries it will be at our discretion to attempt a third one.

I had the installation booked but the delivery crew did not turn up. What should I do?

Please contact C Supplies and a new delivery will be booked in for you.

There was an accident during the delivery, what can I do?

Please report any accidental damage to the delivery crew immediately and C Supplies. Also, you should note this in the documents you sign during the installation. C Supplies will then follow this up.

Can I change my mind after the delivery has taken place?

Once delivery has taken place, your old appliance will be disposed of. We are unable to return any old appliances.

The appliance has a fault after delivery. What should I do?

Please contact the manufacturer directly. Contact numbers are included in the documents you have been given during the installation. When ringing the manufacturer, you will be asked to provide: your full name, address, appliance model number, appliance serial number and delivery date. The manufacturer will then investigate and resolve the issue at their discretion. If you need any assistance, please contact C Supplies.

Can I extend my warranty?

Only the manufacturer can extend the warranty. Please contact them directly.

Will this affect my energy bills?

All appliances are energy efficient, and fully compliant in line with the new government guidelines (2021). Please check the labels on your appliance for the specific rating.