How LEAP works?

The energy and money saving service

LEAP is a free service that is helping people keep warm and reduce their energy bills without costing them any money. See how you can save.


If you have been struggling to pay your energy bills, please don't think you're alone. According to the official Committee on Fuel Poverty, over 10% of households in England are in fuel poverty. Fuel poverty is defined as a situation where someone who is on a relatively low income lives in a house that cannot be kept warm at a reasonable cost.

It can be caused by a mixture of high energy prices, low incomes, and energy-inefficient homes. Fuel poverty can have life-changing effects on households, with the stress of debt, for example, creating social isolation and even illness.

LEAP has a wide network of referral organisations who will refer anyone who is in (or at risk of falling into) fuel poverty. Referral organisations could, for example, include your local food bank, Citizens Advice, health clinic, your rent or housing officer or local authority contact.

Energy advice service

After we've received your referral, a member of our highly trained energy advisor team will contact you to discuss your situation. We will offer you tailored advice and support based on your needs, including any onwards referral or referral for a follow-up home visit when suitable.

Onward Referrals

We will identify and refer you for further support where required. This includes referrals for income, benefits and debt advice from IncomeMax, plus assistance with applying for the Warm Home Discount and the Priority Services Register (if eligible).

After the call

Following your energy advice call, we will send you a summary of the energy advice discussed with your advisor and a reminder of any onward referrals made.