Changes to energy ratings – what you need to know for your home and appliances.


You’ve probably walked into Currys and bought an electrical product or appliance and wondered what the sticker on the back was. These are energy labels. These labels show how energy efficient a product is.

What has changed and why?

The Government has changed the energy ratings to incentivise manufacturers to produce increasingly energy efficient products.

This means that the ratings for appliances may now be lower than you would expect. It does not affect the energy efficiency of appliances. If an appliance was A+ and is now rated G, it does not necessarily mean it’s less efficient. In the new rating system the most efficient classes A and B are reserved for technologies that are yet to be developed and produced, so are not available in the market today.

Energy Labels

New Energy Label compared with the old one

What products can I find energy labels on?

  1. Washing machines and washer-driers
  2. Dishwashers
  3. Electronic displays
  4. Refrigerators
  5. Lights

What do the new QR Codes on energy labels mean?

The new energy labels on appliances will display a QR code that you scan with your smartphone so you can access the energy efficiency details of your product quickly whilst you are in the shop and before making your purchase.