Five Ways LEAP Delivers Energy Help You Can Trust

As energy bills continue to fluctuate in the UK, LEAP continues to provide support for residents looking to enhance their energy efficiency and reduce costs.

Our dedicated team of experts provide personalised advice and assistance, through LEAP Energy Advice calls, as well as home visits in many areas. As part of these services, LEAP offers a range of initiatives that cater to the unique needs of each household. Here are five key ways in which LEAP Energy Advice calls deliver reliable energy help to struggling households.

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Free Energy Saving Resources

  • Distribution of LED bulbs and draught-proofing materials for windows and doors at no cost.
  • Empowering households with practical tools to reduce energy consumption and lower utility bills effectively.


A popular feature of the LEAP service is the provision of free energy-saving resources to households. From LED bulbs to draught-proofing materials for windows and doors, LEAP ensures that residents have access to practical tools that can make a significant impact on their energy consumption. By offering these resources at no cost, LEAP empowers households to take simple yet effective steps towards reducing their energy bills.

Appliance Scheme Support

  • Facilitation of initiatives to help residents acquire energy-efficient appliances like refrigerators and washing machines.
  • Enabling households to upgrade to eco-friendly devices, leading to both financial savings and reduced environmental impact.


LEAP offers practical support through various appliance schemes. Residents in need can benefit from initiatives that help them acquire energy-efficient appliances, such as refrigerators or washing machines. By upgrading to more energy-efficient devices, households can not only save money on their electricity bills, but also reduce their environmental impact.

Appliance scheme services are only available in UK regions where LEAP home visits are available; check the eligibility in your area.

Free Educational Resources

  • Energy top tips
  • Step-by-step draught-proofing instructions
  • Running cost guides
  • Many more


Discover our collection of free, downloadable energy efficiency guides filled with practical advice and easy-to-follow steps designed to boost your home’s energy efficiency. From understanding your energy bill to simple installations like door brushes and chimney balloons, and embracing technology with smart meters and electric storage heaters, we have everything you need to make smarter, more sustainable choices.

Financial Support through Government Schemes

Navigating financial support schemes can be daunting. Guidance on applying for tax credits and identifying eligibility for energy efficiency grants to maximise available financial assistance is something we can help with.

LEAP simplifies the process by providing guidance on accessing government energy support via various initiatives and benefits. Whether it’s assistance with applying for tax credits or identifying eligibility for energy efficiency grants, LEAP ensures that households can make the most of available financial support.

Energy Saving Tips and Advice

  • Tailored advice on making simple lifestyle changes and home modifications to reduce energy consumption.
  • Tips on efficient heating practices, lighting adjustments, appliance usage, and water conservation to empower households to make informed energy-saving decisions.


At the heart of LEAP’s service is a commitment to educating residents on energy-saving practices. Through tailored advice on simple lifestyle changes and basic, low-budget home improvements, LEAP empowers households to reduce their energy consumption effectively.

Tips on efficient heating, lighting, appliance usage, and water conservation help residents make informed choices that lead to long-term savings on their energy bills.

By providing free resources, practical assistance, and personalised advice, LEAP delivers energy help that households can put into practice to start managing the cost of living more comfortably.

Applying for support could not be easier! If any of the above would benefit you in your current situation, all it takes is this quick online form to get started.