Reduce your energy bills with our top tips!

Here are our top ten energy efficiency tips

  1. Try and adjust your day-to-day behaviours. This can be as simple as turning off your lights and appliances when you are not using them or carrying out household tasks manually such as hanging out your washing to dry.
  2. Turn your room thermostat down by just one degree – you could save around £65 a year.
  3. Replacing all your bulbs with LEDs would cost the average household around £145, but you’ll save £35 a year on your bills.
  4. By taking simple steps in the kitchen, you could save £28 a year by cutting back on washing machine and dishwasher use by one cycle a week, and only filling the kettle with the water you need.
  5. Replace one bath a week with a shower. Baths use up far more water than showers (about two and a half times more). Showers are even more efficient if you use a shower aerator.
  6. Reduce your showering time by one minute. Showers are some of the most energy hungry appliances in our homes. Reducing the amount of time you are in the shower will help you save energy and water.
  7. Unless your home is very new, you’ll lose some heat through draughts. Draught-proofing could save you £30 a year on your bills and your home will feel warmer.
  8. If you live in a house with a chimney, installing a chimney draught excluder could save you around £20 a year on your bills.
  9. Switching to a water efficient shower head could save a four-person household with a water meter around £80 on gas and water bills.
  10. Installing and using a room thermostat, programmer and thermostatic radiator valves could save you around £85 a year.

We have a number of helpful energy efficiency guides on our website including how to install energy saving measures in your home, how to read your energy bills and more. If you need any advice, please call our free energy advice line on 0800 060 7567.