Will Energy Prices Go Down? Where To Go For Cost Of Living Support

With energy prices consistently high and the cost of living crisis continuing, many homeowners remain in a difficult financial situation, asking, “Will energy prices go down?”

Unfortunately, energy prices are unlikely to return to pre-pandemic levels anytime soon. However, there are numerous resources and support available to help you manage these challenging times.

The LEAP/ IncomeMax Self-Help Checklist

We understand that the current financial climate in the UK can feel overwhelming, especially for those already struggling to make ends meet. The LEAP/ IncomeMax Self-Help Checklist is here to offer comprehensive, practical support.

This checklist is packed with links to resources that cover a broad range of support, from benefits and housing assistance to free debt advice. Here are just a few examples of resources featured in the checklist, that are assisting households during the cost of living crisis.

Help For Households

Help For Households on GOV.UK offers extensive assistance designed specifically to ease the cost of living:

Energy Saving Tips

They offer practical advice on daily actions you can take to lower your energy bills and improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Mortgage Support

If you’re struggling with mortgage payments, Help For Households provides guidance on contacting your lender for assistance.

Benefits and Financial Support

By answering a few questions, you can discover what benefits and financial support you might be eligible for, tailored to various personal circumstances, including disabilities or health conditions.

Energy Saving Trust

The Energy Saving Trust is an independent organisation focused on addressing the climate emergency and supporting households through:

Advice and Education

They help millions of households with tips and advice, helping them make informed choices to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs.

Government Programs

They work with the government to deliver energy programs, ensuring more people get access to money saving schemes.

Encouraging Sustainability

They help families move towards a smarter more sustainable way of living, in an affordable way.

Citizens Advice – Grants and Benefits

Citizens Advice provides vital services to help you manage your energy bills and related expenses:

Fuel Vouchers

If you can’t top up your prepayment meter, you might qualify for a fuel voucher, which can be used to add credit to your gas or electricity.

Priority Services Register

By signing up, you receive extra help from your gas and electricity supplier, which includes prioritised customer service for vulnerable people.

Grants for Energy Debt

Available grants can help pay off energy debts, allowing you to manage your finances more effectively.

British Gas Energy Trust – Individuals and Families Fund (currently prepayment meter customers only)

British Gas Energy Trust provides targeted support through their Individuals and Families Fund, which includes:

Grant Eligibility

Prepayment meter customers with energy debt up to £2,000 may apply, provided they haven’t received a grant within the last two years.

Grant Application

Successful applicants will have their energy account credited directly, which helps manage outstanding debts effectively.

Targeted Support

The fund is aimed at those who are particularly vulnerable to fuel poverty and unable to get help from their own energy suppliers.

The Trussell Trust

The Trussell Trust supports a nationwide network of food banks with a goal to provide comprehensive support to those in need:

Immediate Food Support

They provide a minimum of three days’ worth of nutritionally balanced emergency food to people referred by advice agencies, GPs, social services, and schools.

Protecting Those in Need

Ensuring those most in need receive immediate assistance via a structured referral process.

Long Term Support

They work towards finding long-term solutions to poverty by addressing the root causes.

Where Do I Start?

Struggling with the cost of living can be stressful, and taking in all the available resources can feel overwhelming. If you need personalised assistance, consider arranging a LEAP energy advice call with us. Our expert advisors are ready to guide you through the best steps to take based on your specific circumstances, ensuring you find the most suitable support.