Top tips of how to stay cool in hot weather


This summer we experienced the hottest day on record in the UK. With our homes built to retain the heat with thick carpets and some properties already well-insulated, keeping cool during the hotter months of the year can be challenging. With even more hot weather on its way, here are some of our top tips on how you can stay cool.

Use a fan

Many people think that turning their fans on will use too much energy and cause their bills to rise, especially during the current cost of living and energy crisis.

The truth is that the average fan only costs around 3p an hour to run, using less than 100 watts of energy.

Place your fan by a window to allow it to use cooler air from the outside.

Create your own air conditioning

Place a bowl of cold water with ice, or a frozen water bottle in front of your fan to circulate cooler air around your house.

Hang a wet sheet in front of an open window, or leave bowls of water around the house

Doing either of these, especially by windows with a lot of airflow coming through will cool down the temperature of your house far more than you would think. Bowls of cold water cool down the air around your house.

Fill a hot water bottle with cold water

By filling it with cold water and leaving it in the freezer for a few hours before bedtime, you can use it to cool down your bed and yourself for a good night’s sleep.

Keep your curtains closed and windows shut on walls that are south facing

This is traditionally done in hot countries such as Spain. The sun shines mostly from the south, so by taking these actions you shield your house from heating up, especially during the hottest hours of the day such as lunchtime.

Stay in cooler rooms which tend to be downstairs

Hot air rises, so working or resting is best downstairs where it’s cooler. North-facing rooms also tend to be cooler.

Limit your use of hot appliances such as irons and hairdryers if possible

Open windows or turn on the extractor fan if you use appliances such as the cooker or hobs for long periods.

Pop your sheets in the freezer

Doing this before you go to bed can cool you down for a good night’s sleep. Make sure to put them in plastic bags before you do this – you don’t want to get any ice cream on your bedding! This trick may not last long but gets the job done.

Use wet flannels to cool yourself down

You can place them on the back of your neck while going about your day.

Sleep with a sheet and lie on top of your duvet

Try to also use natural fibers such as cotton or wool. These are more breathable than synthetic materials.

Good insulation and good ventilation

Both of these are significant factors when saving energy and keeping warm, but also for keeping out the heat in the summer.

Rest your feet in a bowl of cold water

If you’re working from home this can be a great way to cool down.

Take a cold shower before bed

This cools down your body temperature in time for bed. Avoid doing this straight after coming in from intense heat as a sudden change in body temperature can be dangerous.

Switch off your lights

All light bulbs emit heat. Try to avoid using them during the day.