Scottish Boiler Grants To Help With High Energy Bills

The chilly months aren’t quite behind us yet! It serves as a reminder that a reliable boiler really is the cornerstone of a comfortable home. Are you sure that yours is working properly? How do you go about identifying faults? Is there support available to replace your boiler if you’re struggling?

The LEAP Boiler Scheme is now available in Scotland. This scheme is specifically designed to help those who need to maintain comfort at home in some of the coldest regions of the country, without applying serious pressure on energy bills.

What is the LEAP Boiler Scheme?

The LEAP Boiler Scheme is our response to the needs of fuel-poor or vulnerable households. Offered in Scotland (as well as England and Wales) by LEAP, our partners and many energy companies nationwide, this scheme provides assistance to repair or replace broken or faulty boilers. This is a great time to check your eligibility for the LEAP Boiler Scheme in your area, if you are based in Scotland.

But…how do you know when your boiler is in need of repair or replacement?

Signs Your Boiler Might Need Attention

  • Keep an ear out for strange noises, like persistent banging or a continuous whistling noise
  • Watch out for leaks
  • Check for inconsistent heating throughout the home, or throughout different times of the day
  • On the unit itself, check for a sputtering pilot light.

Any one of these signs could mean your boiler is not operating correctly, and if you’re unable to afford a repair or replacement it’s time to consider checking your eligibility for expert assistance from one of our LEAP energy advisors.

The Benefits of a Modern Boiler

Upgrading to a modern, energy-efficient boiler isn’t just a fix, it’s an investment in your long-term comfort, health and financial stability:

  • Modern models are significantly more efficient, which means less energy used and more money saved
  • Newer boilers are better for our planet—lowering emissions for a healthier environment
  • Consistent heating throughout the home with better heating controls keeps you comfortable whenever you’re home
  • Save money while you’re out! Smarter, intuitive controls minimise wastage, putting less pressure on your bills. Some boilers can be controlled by your phone!
  • A steady, comfortable temperature can help vulnerable homes avoid cold-related health issues, such as respiratory problems

Are You Eligible for the LEAP Boiler Scheme?

Not everyone can apply directly to the LEAP Boiler Scheme, so it’s really important to check you meet the eligibility requirements.

Eligible applicants for the LEAP Boiler Scheme must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be in fuel poverty or in a fuel poverty risk group
  • At least one person at home must be aged 65 or over, under the compulsory school age, suffering from significant health problems or living with a disability
  • You must own your home
  • You must use gas central heating as your primary heating source
  • Your must be in a ‘no heat’ situation, either constantly or intermittently
  • The property must not be a ‘higher risk’ property (e.g., park home, high-rise or listed buildings)
  • There must be no other suitable emergency funding that the household can access, (e.g the client would need to pay a contribution they cannot afford or that the timescales for accessing funding are too long given their circumstances)

Check your eligibility

Applying for the LEAP Boiler Scheme has never been easier; fill in our quick application form here and one of our LEAP energy advisors will arrange an energy advice phone call with you. For your first phone call, it’s always a good idea to have your eligibility proof at hand, whether it’s documentation of income, age, or your current boiler’s condition.