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Welcome to AIRPORT, the AgilityEco Information Resource Portal.

AIRPORT is an information resource to support our LEAP contact centre team and to help them to offer the best possible range of advice to residents in vulnerable circumstances.

AIRPORT works as a library, with a filing system that links by council name and by type of activity.  So when a referral is being dealt with on the telephone (or in the field) our advisors will be able to call up an up-to-date list of relevant schemes in the area.  This will be especially helpful when the applicant is in areas where we don’t currently offer home energy advice visits.

In order for us to provide the most relevant assistance, we rely on local authorities and local community service providers to supply us with current and accurate information on services they offer. Please fill in the form below to submit a summary of services that your council, charity or community group offers to help qualifying individuals in vulnerable circumstances.

Please note it may take a few moments for the form to load, depending on the speed of your internet connection.