LEAP Financial Assistance

From time to time LEAP has funding for fuel vouchers for people that are struggling to keep up with their energy payments.

These financial assistance grants are usually sent to customers in the form of “Fuel Vouchers” that can be used at a PayPoint location or at a Post Office.

Your energy advisor/customer services advisor will help you to apply for a voucher.

Our partner, evouchers, will send out the vouchers depending on what method you have chosen (text or email) up to 72 hours after your application.


Why have you sent me a Post Office voucher?

This could be for a couple of reasons, we can give you maximum of £150 for your meter top-up.  The Post Office processes vouchers of £150, but PayPoint only processes vouchers of £49.  So it is better to give you 1 x £150 post office voucher.

Some energy companies only work with Post Office, and not PayPoint – e.g. British Gas.

I have a smart meter and I normally top up on the App. What do I do with this voucher?

We can’t send money to your energy company directly (unless ScottishPower is your supplier*). All energy companies will let you top up your Smart Meter account at either Paypoint or Post Office.  Your supplier will have issued you a smart meter card or a PayPoint Account Number (PAN).  Take this with you to the shop and this will enable them to process the voucher manually and link the voucher to your account when you redeem it.

Who are evouchers and why are they contacting me?

Evouchers are the company that LEAP is using to administer and issue the vouchers to you.  They will send a text or email (based on what you requested in your application) and this will explain how to claim and redeem your voucher.

Evouchers have sent me multiple texts/emails – why?

If you chose to redeem your voucher at Paypoint, they have a £49 cap on the size of voucher.  So we have sent you 3 x £49 vouchers and you can use all of them as soon as you get the link to access them.  We encourage you to redeem them when you are sent the link to them so there is no risk of them expiring.

Can I split my voucher across my gas and electricity meters?

Yes you can, as long as they are both pre-payment meters. Just tell the cashier at the shop how you wish to split it.  Make sure to take both your keys/cards with you.

I’m a ScottishPower customer – why haven’t you sent me a voucher?

If you’re a credit meter customer or a smart prepayment meter customer, then ScottishPower will put the voucher straight onto your energy account for you.  You will see the money on your account after a few days.

I haven’t received my voucher

It can take up to 72 hours for a voucher to be issued, if you haven’t received it after this time contact the evouchers support support@evouchers.com.

The wrong voucher type has been issued (PayPoint/Post Office) what shall I do?

Your voucher is issues based on the information given to us when you submit your application. The voucher should also be suitable for the supplier you told us supplies your energy. If you need help with getting a new voucher, please contact lfa@applyforleap.org.uk.

What should I do if the PayPoint shop or the Post Office won’t accept the voucher?

If the shop refuses to accept the voucher, please try another PayPoint or Post Office location. If there is no other shop local to you, please contact PayPoint directly on 0800 310 0000* (Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm).

Can the fuel vouchers be used online?

No, they cannot. PayPoint and Post Office locations are the only options.

Can the vouchers be used if I don’t have a prepayment meter?

The vouchers can only be redeemed for pre-payment meters and Smart meters that can be topped up by key or cards.

Are there any meter types that aren’t suitable for vouchers?

The vouchers work with any meter that can be topped up via key or card.

How long does it take for me to receive the voucher once it’s been requested?

Vouchers are usually issued within a few hours however, they can take a maximum of 72 hours to process and issue. If you haven’t received your voucher after this time, contact lfa@applyforleap.org.uk.

If your voucher was requested on a Friday or over the weekend this could mean your voucher isn’t issued until the following Monday.

I’ve accidentally deleted the fuel voucher text message. What do I do?

You will need to contact support@evouchers.com

I’ve tried to redeem the voucher but the retailer got the error message “retailer not authorised” when trying to process it. What do I do?

You may have gone into a shop that doesn’t support the type of voucher you require. Make sure you are at a retailer that can issue the voucher you need and if the problem continues, please contact support@evouchers.com.

I tried to redeem the voucher but the retailer got an error message saying the voucher code was invalid. What do I do?

This error message is because the retailer processed the voucher incorrectly. It’s not an issue with the fuel voucher itself. Request the retailer re tries and if the issue continues contact support@evouchers.com  for further assistance.

I’ve gone back home and put in my card and/or key into the meter and the money hasn’t appeared. What do I do?

Contact support@evouchers.com  who will be on hand to help.