LEAP achieves £8.3 million in lifetime bill savings for its customers

LEAP has had another very successful year, helping people up and down the country by making their homes more energy efficient and reducing their energy bills.

From April 2021 to March 2022, LEAP received 14,699 referrals from its wide network of referral partners, including our energy supplier funders, local authorities, charities and local community agencies. People referred to LEAP received either an in-depth telephone advice call or a home visit. During the telephone call, LEAP energy experts offer practical energy efficiency advice as well as signposting customers to other services where they can receive support, such as income maximisation, debt and money advice. During the home visit, LEAP Home Energy Advisors (HEAs) assess individual properties and install the appropriate energy efficiency measures such as LED light bulbs, draught proofing and radiator reflector foils.

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