Informed Choice Radio Podcast Interview: How to reduce your energy bills and combat fuel poverty

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Energy bills are soaring and many of us are wondering what, if anything, we can do to ease the burden.

My guest today is James Sommerville, Head of Business Development at AgilityEco.

AgilityEco is on a mission to play a major role in eliminating fuel poverty, to deliver better outcomes for low income and vulnerable families and to prepare Britain’s homes for Net Zero.

They have a vision for a warm, efficient and healthy home for everyone.

By reducing energy bills through energy efficiency and helping people stay warm and well, they will be able to support the most vulnerable in society.

In our conversation today, we talk about some of the government grants available to households who want to reduce their energy use, the steps to consider before installing solar panels, and how we can all address the cost of energy crisis.

Here’s my conversation with James Sommerville, Head of Business Development at AgilityEco, in episode 576 of Informed Choice Radio.


If you are worried or stressed, support is available for energy bills.