If You Live In Kent, White Goods Scheme Support Is Available Now

Across the UK, the energy crisis is affecting large swathes of the population.The rising cost of living has undoubtedly challenged an increasing number of households in the past year. One of the ways that struggling households are dealing with the cost of living is through LEAP’s Appliance Scheme, which is now available to eligible homes in and around the Kent area who are in need of efficient, essential household appliances.

What Does the energy crisis look like in Kent?

According to Kent County Council’s statistical bulletin on fuel poverty published in 2023, Six Kent districts saw the number of fuel poor households had increased in the previous year. Thanet district had the highest number and proportion of homes that are fuel poor, with a fuel poverty rate at 13.3%.

Since the publication of these statistics, the energy price cap has increased by an average of 5% across the UK, undoubtedly affecting more Kent residents with more expensive energy bills.

What is the LEAP Appliance Scheme?

The LEAP Appliance Scheme, available in England, Wales and Scotland, aims to support struggling households with the replacement of inefficient white goods, including fridges, freezers, washing machines and cookers.

After conducting a LEAP Energy Advice Service Appointment, our energy advisors determine eligibility and suitability for appliance replacement, and together with C Supplies, white goods are delivered and installed to help improve the energy efficiency of fuel poor homes.

Benefits of Energy-Efficient Essential Household Items

Lower your energy bills

Energy-efficient white goods use less power and resources than older models; this means your overall energy spend Will be immediately changed for the better.

Long-term cost benefits

Modern appliances are designed for a longer, healthier life span that reduces reliance on maintenance, repairs and parts in the future, enabling you to enjoy energy and cost-efficient utilities for longer.

Lower your carbon footprint

Switching to an efficient fridge or washing machine has a positive impact on the overall environment, minimising energy wastage and lowering your households overall carbon footprint.

How to Apply

We want to be able to help as many households as possible through the LEAP Appliance Scheme. The best way to get started is by filling in this quick online form and providing us with your postcode. From there we will arrange a LEAP Energy Advice Service call and determine your eligibility and requirements.