LEAP Partners

  • AgilityEco is the Project Manager and the key liaison point for the Council and its referral network.
  • Bierce is receiving the referrals from you, carrying out an initial phone call with the applicant, and arranging / managing the home visit with the local LEAP Home Energy Advisors for your area.
  • IncomeMax is the highly experienced organisation that carries out the income maximisation service after the home visit.
  • Groundwork, a community charity with a network of Green Doctors experienced in home energy visits, is helping us to deliver the home visits in some regions, including London and Manchester.
  • NEF works with LEAP in the Oxfordshire area, providing post-visit support.
  • Energy361 is generating referrals via local outreach services and delivering home visits in Devon.
  • Ridgewater Energy is delivering home visits in Bournemouth and the South Coast.
  • Energy Projects Plus is managing the LEAP service and delivering home visits in Merseyside & Cheshire.
  • Exeter Community Energy is generating referrals for LEAP in Devon and delivers LEAP home visits in Exeter, East Devon, Mid Devon, Teignbridge and Torbay.