LEAP Reviews

LEAP prides itself in putting customer needs first and the team goes above and beyond to provide as much help and support as possible. Here are some of the wonderful comments that we have received.

What are people saying about LEAP?

“I was very happy with the service, everyone I spoke to was so nice and I was amazed at how much information the advisor had. The advisor went above and beyond by contacting people I was struggling to get through to. I was registered for PSR, WHD and an IMAX referral was made. The advisor also contacted my energy supplier with a meter reading and to check I was on the best possible tariff. The advisor gave me some good tips about keeping the home energy efficient and warm and how to use central heating more economically. The advisor was so lovely and patient and I have already referred my friend.”

– Ms W, London

“The service you offered was amazing, everyone was so nice and I had a really good experience. Whilst I was already following a lot of the energy saving tips, I have still saved a massive amount of money with the new boiler you have replaced for me and the energy saving lightbulbs you installed for me. You also helped me apply for WHD which I am waiting to receive. Thank you so much to everyone for the help.”

– Ms S, Barrow, Furness

“The adviser was really good and customer focused. I appreciate your support. God richly bless you”

– Ms M, Milton Keynes

“Excellent service provided and very friendly call handler and gave brilliant advice, I have to say some of the advice on the leaflet I followed and it was great advice”

– Ms L, Salford

“I really appreciate the call, my advisor was extremely helpful and the saving energy items have helped massively to improve the conditions if my home, so thank you ever so much”

– Ms C, Watford

“The help you gave me was super, in addition, conversation about the devices led to kind neighbour insulating my single brick porch and the chimney balloon led to him making large hole smaller that was causing howling sound, (drafty and depressing). All the devices have made a big difference, home is warmer, quieter and brighter. Daughter I care for lives with me and currently unwell with covid so done just in time. Thank you.”

– Mrs W, Erith

“Thank you so much for all the advice and help. Your adviser’s were friendly and helped me with what may seem little things, but tips and help to conserve and save money. Thank you x”

– Mrs S, Newton Abbott

“I’m very happy with the service I received & the man I spoke to over the phone. He was super nice & very helpful.”

– Mrs N, Dunstable

“It is people like you who makes this world a better place to live in!!!. I am overwhelmed by your kindness. I will be forever grateful. Thank you so much for being so willing and ready to help. Many thanks”

– Mrs I, London

“Kate was absolutely lovely and went above and beyond with trying to help me. She checked my tariff to ensure I was on the best one and ensured I was on the PSR. She gave me some really good tips on how to save energy, especially with my tumble drier which I was using on the worst setting. I am so happy with the help I received and rate Kate a 10”

– Mrs C, Scotland

“I have returned your call specifically to praise Emma Deaton – said she was outstanding and very understanding about my health issues, if I could give her 20 out of 10 I would. She went through every single detail and was very thorough. I have been following the advice religiously and have found it very helpful. The Summary Report have been very helpful reminding me of the advice given to follow”

– Mr Y, Peterborough

“I was extremely happy with your services; the advisor was excellent and all the help he gave me was good. I have been given advice on how to manage the debt and I am already seeing positive differences by following the energy advice that I was given. I have recommended you to my family and have already referred my mom to you!”

– Mr S, Aylesbury

“Fantastic scheme. Very professional customer service & fast delivery of products. Also provided us with useful information regarding changing tariffs and using energy more efficiently. Very impressed.”

– Mr M, Dunfermline”

“Andy arrived very much on time, I was referred to IMAX who have contacted me and Andy applied to the WHD for me. Easy measures were installed and these have really helped. Andy checked the loft and noticed that the loft insulation had been rolled up, so he contacted my housing provider for me and they have come and fixed it, which has made my home so much warmer. Also, by following the advice Andy gave me I have noticed a difference. I give Andy 20/10 and have already told the other residents in the community so that they can benefit like I have!”

– Mr K, Birmingham

“I am extremely happy with the service offered to my client, Jilly arranged for some fuel vouchers which have really helped and she installed some draught excluders which have been an absolute God send and completely stopped the draught from coming through. My client has learning disabilities and Jilly was patient and really took her time to ensure we understood what was being said and the help that was given. 11 out of 10 to Jilly!”

– Mr C, Exeter

“I am thankful for all the help from LEAP. I have been referred to LAD funding, and I am looking forward to hearing from them, and will be so grateful for anything that they can do to help me. You have helped me feel less stressed, and a bit more optimistic for my future.”

– Miss C, Peterborough

“Alex was brilliant, I was very stressed about my energy bills and he sorted them out saving me £150. He then applied to the WHD and I have now received that payment onto my electric account. I thank God every day for him coming to help me. He was so very understanding and patient and rang me a couple of days after the visit to make sure I was ok because I had been so upset!”

– Miss C, London

“The advisor was very polite and really helpful, and I was very impressed with him. He gave me some great advice, arranged for me to have a benefits check and a new water tariff where I saved a lot of money. I have recommended this service to everyone I know, it’s great!”

“I am so very happy with the service I have received; the advisor was very helpful and gave advice on how to solve my fuel debt, which has been invaluable. This service is brilliant, and I am very happy with the outcome”.

“I apologise for not doing this sooner as my dad has been in hospital with covid and we have lost our grandma. LEAP is amazing. The staff extremely helpful. The man on the phone could not have helped me more. Would highly recommend your services to anyone.”

“Pete provided some LED bulbs which are good for my poor vision. Radiator foils have made a really tremendous difference – we went out and bought some more off the back of the visit as we have felt the difference.”